Did I Live Today?

The global shutdown has thrown every aspect of our lives into question.

So many artists and performers are wondering when theaters will reopen and jobs will come back. Justin's philosophy is: "Live for today, and be prepared for tomorrow."

Embrace this moment, and ask yourself 'What can I do today, so that at the end of the day I can say...I truly LIVED' ?

Did I Love Today?

As Artists and Performers we express our deepest desires, secrets, love, and passions through our art.

Just because the world is on pause, doesn't mean the passion and joy we get from performing has to be. 

Every day we have on Earth is a gift and an opportunity for us to share a simple act of love with ourselves and others. 

What can you do today, so that at the end of the day you can say...'I truly LOVED' ? 

Did I Learn Today

Almost overnight, the way we learn, has completely changed. The digital world has opened up new challenges, new experiences, and new traps to fall into.

The biggest trap? Distraction.

Ask any parent who is coping with "Distance Learning", or any Artist/Performer who has access to Social Media or's far too easy to fall into hours of internet scroll-holes.

Distraction is healthy...until it's not. 

We now have the time and opportunity to learn new and better skills, as well as deepen and solidify the ones we have worked so hard to get. 

Most Artists & Performers are distracted...stuck inside scroll-holes, but a few are taking this time to level up and when theaters reopen and jobs come back...they will be the ones nailing auditions and booking jobs.

What can you do today, so that at the end of the day you can say...'I truly LEARNED' ? 

The Performer

Justin as "Fiyero" in Broadway's Tony Award winning "WICKED", one of 6 Principal roles Justin has played on Broadway. 
Justin has been a 4 time guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and OWN Network. 

The Mentor

Justin mentors students of all ages & skill levels in virtual masterclasses, and virtual private coaching events.   
Justin's best-selling book, "Audition Secrets" and podcast take the guesswork out of overcoming nerves, preparing for auditions, and creating unique performance that make you shine. 


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